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Aug 11, 2020 – Aug 15, 2020

These two little ones race to the sea to be safe from the predators overhead. Baby turtles on the beach are painted on a smaller stone, approximately 2 5" x 2", in acrylics protected with two coats of Polyurethane.

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This beautiful lady is perched on a very large stone, approximately 4.5"w x 5.5"h, painted in acrylics and protected with two coats of Polyurethane spray. She would look ever so elegant on a ladies Bordeaux or on the dressing table.

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The male head of Sandy's Chickens, this guy takes no guff from anyone! He says"Oh, Yeah?!" His stone is Round, approximately 4" across, painted with acrylic paint and given two coats of Polyurethane spray.

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Part of Sandy's Chickens, this Sassy little lady stone is 2.5"x 2" and painted with acrylic and then sprayed with two coats of Polyurethane as protection for the painting.

3.5"x5" stone, painted with acrylic paints and protected with two coats of Polyurethane. Part of Sandy's Chickens.

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For reasons unknown to me, I have taken a profound liking to these crazy looking "Chickens"! They seem to come in so many shapes, sizes, poses, and varieties that I just adore them. I have painted quite a few and these are some examples that fall into my Category of "CRITTER PAINTINGS". When you...

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Known as a Killer Whale by some because it is a predator of the deep ocean, preying upon the smaller species that inhabit there as do the other whale species. However, in captivity, the Orca has found a spellbound audience who adores his intelligence and entertainment of young and old alike. I...

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Covid-19 has presented problems for businesses throughout communities for several months now and From Pebbles to Paintings is no exception. Because most of the presentations of our products is via Craft Fairs and Festivals and most of these have either been cancelled or postponed, we have (until...

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What is From Pebble to Paintings?

From Pebbles to Painting is one woman, me, Sandy Pilon, with little training but with a passion for painting, using the natural mediums of pebbles, stones, rocks, and driftwood, and manmade materials of tumbled glass, acrylic paint, and polyurethane spray coatings. My products are only 80% Handmade because the other 20% was created by God. I use all manner of rocks, stones, and pebbles to create Landscapes, Still lives, and what I call Character paintings on the surface of stones. The smallest of the stones are the pebbles used primarily as Friendship Stones or Game Pieces and these are generally only about 1 " x 1.5"  in size. The average size stones measure around 2"×3"  to 3" x 4" then I have some quite large pieces which are mostly landscapes and they are around 6"×5".  The larger stones are suitable as decor in the home as are some of the smaller sizes as well.  To keep the painting intact and preserved, once painted and dried, the stones are given a two coats of Polyurethane to protect the painting, making them as waterproof as possible.

I also use the much smaller stones and pebbles to create what is known Pebble Art.  In this form, the stones are can be painted as small people or animals and used to create a scene or they used as pieces or section of an object or a person or animal as a longer, narrow pebble may be used for an arm or a tree limb or a rabbit's ear.  Still other times the pebbles are painted different colors and they are the medium used to "paint" the picture as in the painted stones are the petals of the flower.

I hope this has explained a little bit about how I turn Pebbles into Paintings.  I hope that you enjoy seeing what I have to offer and that you will tell your friends.  Please feel free to comment on what you see and if you have any suggestions, I am always ready to listen.  

Sandy Pilon

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